Developments in Russian Politics 7


Developments in Russian Politics 7 brings together specially commissioned chapters by leading experts to present a wide-ranging assessment of the changing politics of contemporary Russia. Chapter 7 was written by Professor Sarah Oates and Dr Gillian McCormack, covering the media and political communication.

Support to Media in Electoral Processes


These documents provide a detailed report and a shorter summary of the conclusions and recommendations of a workshop on media support during elections, organised by the BBC World Trust and International IDEA in London, March 2010. The conference brought together donors, media assistance and development organisations, media experts and electoral assistance groups to brainstorm on the best ways to support improved coverage of elections.

Russian Duma Elections 2007


An article published online by International IDEA, taking a close look at the run up to the Russian parliamentary elections of 2007.

Russian State TV reform 2005


A Moscow Times opinion piece on plans to assert centralised state control over regional broadcasters in Russia.

Patterns of Media Control in Post-Soviet Elections 2002


Published by the Jamestown Foundation, this article compares media monitoring data from the former Soviet Republics from 1998-2002 to show an increase in authoritarianism in the region.

Monitoring the media coverage of elections


The European Institute for the Media carried out comprehensive research missions to monitor the media coverage of elections in the former Soviet Republics from the mid-90s until the early 2000s, financed by the European Commission. Azerbaijan 19982000, Belarus 2001, Georgia 2000, Kazakstan 1999, Kyrgystan 2000, Moldova 2001, Russia 19992000, and Ukraine 199819992002